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At Kenilworth we understand that communication between school and parents is key to ensure all children are happy and reaching their potential.

We operate an open door policy and parents are able to talk to teachers at the end of the day.

We know that many of our parents communicate with each other using Facebook and Whatsapp groups.  The benefits of communicating in this way are great to exchange new ideas and to arrange social events for your children.  We know that some of our parents cannot be in the playground at the end or beginning of each day. However, these forums are not the way to raise concerns.  If you are at all concerned about a curriculum issue, a pupil concern or any other worry,  please talk to us.

Parents are reminded of their duty to fulfil the Home school agreement as well as to abide by e-safety protocols that we expect our pupils to follow.  We draw your attention to the section for parents which states that parents are asked to :  -

Support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community on facebook or another internet community.

 If you have a complaint, our  procedures are outlined in our complaints policy. 

Most complaints are dealt with at the informal stage.   It goes without saying that the the quicker you raise your concern the quicker we can deal with it.  

We are trialling the use of a new email address for the sole use of parents of registered children at the school.  

The email address can be used if you need to raise a query or ask a question about a piece of work that cannot be raised with the class teacher.   Your query will be dealt with during school hours only.  Please do not expect an immediate answer. 

This email is not for informing the school of-

any urgent safeguarding issues - use the telephone numbers on the safeguarding page

your child's absence from school - use your school gateway app or telephone the school

making a complaint  - please see complaints policy

daily changes of pick up and collection details - telephone the school office or speak in person to your child's class teacher

We would also welcome your positive comments and helpful suggestions.  If you think there is information that would be useful, please email  parent@kenilworth.herts.sch.uk.

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